Timang Beach Tour
Timang Beach Tour

Timang Beach Tour Gondola Ride!
Sit on cable car, relax, and enjoy a unique experience as you and your friend take in the gondola ride and cross to the Timang island! A lobster meal is enjoyed (in optional) while you are finish a stressful experience by manual wooden cable car of Indonesia. Take the travel plan to the next level with this gondola experience!

To make your traveling even more special, you can choose from one of our best adenture, from a Timang beach tour for special interest in Yogyakarta. Visit our Package Options to enhance your adventure experience.

Timang beach location
Timang Beach is located in Padukuhan Danggolo, Purwodadi Village, Tepus Subdistrict, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region.

Whoever said that the adrenaline rush of adventure can only be appreciated alone clearly did not know of these famous Timang beach gondola adventure sports that are best experienced in Yogyakarta - Indonesiea. The adventure of a lifetime awaits to go this place with options of Timang beach tour that crazy from gondola's to suspension bridge, over breathtaking views.

Head to Yogyakarta’s waters for a adventure into Gondolas's of Timang Beach. There’s really nothing holding you back here. It wil be offer lessons for the uninitiated. Make a travel for the Timang Beach from Yogyakarta, and take your pick of memorable experiences from of the various packages on offer. Remember to book well in advance and choose for comfort and Your experience.

Experience the adrenaline of Timang beach tour as you using a gondola or bridge together with friends. Head to Timang island, it will be a little tense’s when above the water, as you glide in the air, the stunning coastline of Timang will unfold before you. And peel your eyes away from each other! Lose yourselves in the breathtaking panorama of the Timang Beach Tour in Yogyakarta. Take in two and half hour's drive from Yogyakarta to Timang Beach location. Time your travel end around sunset because romance is truly in the air that surrounds you!

Gunungkidul Sea Peninsula, located on the east side of Yogyakarta, is an amazing adventure tour. Take a look with your partner through the land tour, beautiful beaches, and the spectacular mountains surround you. With teams to coach you in your best adventure, Truly amazing experience!

Timang Beach Lobster

Enjoy a dish Local food restaurant in Timang area, is very in interest by many tourists, is a Lobster that characterizes local restaurants. You can order a Lobster before you do the gondola or bridge activity, then enjoy eating the dish after the activity. Return to Yogyakarta, then come home with an amazing Timang beach tour experience to share stories with your friends or families.


Let's fun in Yogyakarta means Timang Beach Tour!

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